Stowell-Orbison Award

Poster #183

Title: Identification of Novel ALK Translocation in Gynecologic Clear Cell Carcinoma

Publication ID: 1151


Chen Yang, MD, Yale, University School of Medicine
Latisha Love-Gregory, Ph.D, Washington University School of Medicine
Lingxin Zhang, MD, Hospital for Special Surgery
Ian Hagemann, MD, PhD, Washington University in St. Louis
Dengfeng Cao, MD, PhD, Barnes Jewish Hospital/Washington University

Poster #68

Title: Defining the Impact of PD-1/PD-L1 Axis Expression in Melanoma Using Multiplex Immunofluorescence Paired with Flow Cytometry Quantification

Publication ID: 481


Nicolas Giraldo-Castillo, MD, PhD, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
Sneha Berry, MS, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
Peter Nguyen, MS, Johns Hopkins Medical
Institutions; Abha Soni, DO MPH, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
Farah Succaria, MD, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
Haiying Xu, BS, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
Ludamila Danilova, PhD, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
Alexander Baras, MD, PhD; Janis Taube, MD, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Poster #67

Title: The Role of Human Commensal Skin Bacteria in the Pathogenesis of Cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma

Publication ID: 474


Carina Dehner, MD, Washington University School of Medicine
William Ruff, PhD, Yale University School of Medicine
Thaddeus Stappenbeck, MD, PhD , Washington University School of Medicine
Martin Kriegel, MD PhD, Yale University School of Medicine

2019 Stowell-Orbison Certificate of Merit

Poster #191 – Quantitative Next-Generation Sequencing-Based Analysis Indicate Progressive Accumulation of Microsatellite Instability between Atypical Hyperplasia / Endometrial Intraepithelial Neoplasia and Paired Endometrioid Endometrial Carcinoma

David Chapel, MD,
University of Chicago
; Sushant Patil, PhD, University of Chicago; Andrei
Plagov, MD, University of Illinois Hospitals and Health Sciences System; Sabah
Kadri, PhD, Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago; Ricardo
Lastra, MD, University of Chicago; Jeremy Segal, MD, PhD, University of
Chicago; Lauren Ritterhouse, MD, PhD, University of Chicago Medical Center

Poster #147 – Prostate Cancer with Expansile Cribriform Gleason Pattern 4 Has Distinct Genetic Profile and Prognostic SignificanceXiaotun Zhang, MD, Mayo Clinic; Laureano Rangel Latuche, MSc, MS, Mayo Clinic; William Sukov, MD, Mayo Clinic; R. Jeffrey Karnes, MD, Mayo Clinic; John Cheville, MD, Mayo Clinic