The Dr. L. Clarke, Jr. and Elaine F. Stout Award was established in 2015 by the generous support of Dr. L. Clarke, Jr. and Elaine F. Stout. This award will ensure that pathologists endeavoring to resolve scientific medical problems by studying their anatomic features are supported and appreciated in perpetuity. The Stout Award will provide recognition and an award of $3,000 to an individual for the best English language peer-reviewed paper published during the twelve months preceding the application deadline, which resolved scientific medical problems by studying their anatomic features.

To apply for the Stout Award, applicants must complete the application form available on the USCAP website and electronically submit the application form along with a reprint of the publication to the USCAP Foundation.

Applicants must be the first author of the publication. The Academy does not sponsor travel or hotel accommodations for this award. The selection is made by the Stout Award Committee.

Jasmine Vickery, MD

2024 Dr. L. Clarke, Jr. and Elaine F. Stout Award

Jasmine Vickery, MD is originally from a small suburb of Detroit, Michigan. She spent approximately eight years in Detroit, pursuing both undergraduate and medical school education at Wayne State University. She completed her combined anatomic and clinical pathology residency program at the University of Chicago Medical Center, and currently serves as a surgical pathology fellow at Massachusetts General Brigham.

Since her journey in pathology began, Jasmine has not only enjoyed getting hands-on experience in the anatomic pathology gross room, but actively participating in multiple research projects. Initially, due to the inspirational teachers and mentors in pediatric pathology, especially Dr. Aliya Husain, pediatric and cardiothoracic pathologist at the University of Chicago and faculty mentor from The Children’s Hospital of Michigan in Detroit Dr. Bahig Shehata, she was fortunate to encounter many clinically challenging cases and strongly considered pursuing pediatric pathology. This influenced her to write her proudest publication, “Reoperation for Hirschsprung Disease: Two cases of Vanishing Ganglion Cells and Review of the Literature.” Unaware of the controversy surrounding vanishing ganglion cells at the time, Jasmine’s dedication and exceptional effort, involving multiple rounds of reviews, eventually led to its acceptance.

However, during her residency as she gained more exposure to the breadth and challenges of surgical pathology, she ultimately decided to focus her interests on Breast pathology. She is excited to complete a general surgical pathology fellowship with a specialization in breast pathology.

Expressing both pride and gratitude, Dr. Vickery acknowledges the crucial role her teachers played in shaping her career and is incredibly thankful for their guidance. Reflecting on the challenges and fulfillment pathology has brought into her life, she expresses deep satisfaction with her career choice. Looking forward, Dr. Vickery aspires to contribute further to the field in the future.

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