Thank you for being a part of the success of USCAP’s journals. We are constantly working to make your experience better, and we are excited to tell you about some improvements in our publications.

In order to adopt more environmentally sustainable publishing methods,

  • Modern Pathology and Laboratory Investigation will move to an online-only format as of January 2023.
  • Both journals will be available to all members free of charge.
  • We are also switching to Elsevier as our new publisher.

Elsevier is a market-leading and innovative medical and scientific publisher, serving more than 30 million scientists, students, and health and information professionals around the world. Elsevier’s mission to help researchers and healthcare professionals advance science and improve health outcomes for the benefit of society will directly support USCAP’s mission of creating a better pathologist.

Among the advantages you will find with the new publisher and the online format:

  • There will no longer be page or color charges for standard publication.
  • The cost for authors to publish Open Access will remain $4,480, but USCAP members will receive a 20% discount on that price, making the price $3,583 – an $897 savings per article.


What if I want to print an article from one of the journals?

All articles will be available as high-resolution PDFs online, with print-quality figures and charts, for you to download and print as needed.

How will this affect the journals’ readership numbers?

Both journals expect an increased readership because every USCAP member will now receive each of them. In addition, subscribers and members will be invited to sign up for alerts that notify them when the latest issue has been published, providing a monthly reminder to read new content. Finally, we will continue our robust online indexing to provide an easy way for other researchers to find and access content.

Does this mean there will be a change of staff running the journals?

No. Our USCAP Editorial Team, led by Managing Editor Dr. Catherine Ketcham and our journal Editors-in-Chief Dr. George Netto (Modern Pathology) and Dr. David Berman (Laboratory Investigation) will remain in charge of producing the journals.

How will this impact time-to-publication?

We will continue to provide the same great service and quick turn-around as always for final publication. However, pre-proofs of accepted papers will now be available online within just a few days of acceptance!

Will I still be able to access articles from the previous publisher?

USCAP members will be able to access new material and all past issues back to January 2000 through the USCAP website exactly as before.