The Maude Abbott Lecture is a prestigious scholarly and/or scientific presentation by a revered authority in pathology who has contributed, and continues to contribute, to the advancement of pathology in the areas of teaching, research and clinical practice. The selected individual must be capable of giving a lucid and erudite lecture relating to contemporary pathology and should be a member of USCAP. Designation as the Maude Abbott Lecturer represents one of the most important USCAP honors.

The lecturer is selected at the interim meeting, by vote of the Board of Directors, from three candidates proposed by the Executive Committee. The lecture is delivered at the Annual Meeting approximately 18 months later.

 The Academy provides:

        – An honorarium in the amount of $2,000

        – Complimentary registration to the Annual Meeting

Julia A. Bridge, MD

2024 Maude Abbott Lecture

Dr. Julia A. Bridge completed her residency training in Anatomic Pathology at Kansas University Medical Center. As a pathology resident there, with undergraduate training in mouse tumor karyotyping, she became interested in human cancer cytogenetics and set up a research laboratory to study lymphomas and bone and soft tissue tumors with departmental and, subsequently, extramural funding received as a senior resident. She further developed this focus in the final 6 months of her pathology residency, which were as a Special Fellow in Clinical Cytogenetics at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. She then completed an additional fellowship at the Southwest Biomedical Research Institute under Dr. Avery A. Sandberg, a pioneer in cancer cytogenetics, at the same time as she held her first academic position as a clinical assistant professor in Pathology and Oncology at the University of Kansas.

In 1991, she returned to the University of Nebraska as an associate professor of Pathology, Pediatrics, and Orthopedic Surgery to practice cytopathology, surgical pathology, clinical cytogenetics, and molecular diagnostics and to move her funded research laboratory for continued cytogenetic characterization and molecular profiling of solid tumors with an emphasis on bone and soft tissue tumors. By 1999, she was promoted to professor. In 2019, Dr. Bridge joined the Translational Genomics Research Institute (Phoenix) and in 2021, ProPath (Dallas) while continuing her role in academics and education at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Over the years, Dr. Bridge’s lab has provided the initial description of many specific recurrent translocations and/or gene fusions contributing to tumor classification. This lab has also served as a site for molecular test development (including landmark FDA approvals for two novel gene-based tests), as a reference laboratory for the national Children’s Oncology Group, and as an educational hub for students and trainees.

Dr. Bridge is profoundly grateful to her extraordinary mentors for their guidance and encouragement and to her colleagues within and outside of Nebraska for their support and invaluable collaborations. These treasured relationships played a crucial role in shaping her career and are to be shared in this honor.

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