Resources for Authors, Reviewers and Editors

Why submit to the USCAP journals?

Publishing your research in the highly ranked USCAP journals will ensure that your work reaches the broadest possible audience. Hear from luminaries in pathology about the benefits of publishing in Laboratory Investigation and Modern Pathology. Visit the journals’ websites at and to see the aims and scope of each journal and to read the hottest new papers.

How to submit your papers to the USCAP journals.

In this video, Karli Hess, the Assistant Managing Editor for both Laboratory Investigation and Modern Pathology, describes how to submit manuscripts to the USCAP journals. When you’re ready, visit our user-friendly submission websites at LI Editorial Manager® and Modern Pathology Editorial Manager®.

USCAP Journals – Advice for Authors.

The editors of Laboratory Investigation and Modern Pathology offer solid advice on how to write a great paper by getting out of your own head and into the minds of readers and reviewers.

USCAP Journals – Advice for Reviewers.

Have you already published in Laboratory Investigation or Modern Pathology? If so, you may be asked to review manuscripts for the journals. Participating in the peer review process is a thoughtful service you can provide to USCAP and your colleagues. In this video, some pathology all-stars explain the proper mindset for preparing a helpful review. Our publisher provides detailed information, guidance and support for peer reviewers at Elsevier for Reviewers.

USCAP Journals – Advice for Editors.

What are the benefits of serving as a journal editor? You can truly impact your research field, provide a valuable service to your peers, and even advance your career. In this video, senior editors of the USCAP journals explain how editorship keeps them at the forefront of pathology and broadens their perspective. Learn more about editors’ responsibilities in Role of an editor ( and Join the team (