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The USCAP Interactive Learning Center

201 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Suite 301, Palm Springs, CA

The Powers-Sanchez Interactive Center

Designed by and for pathologists, the two microscopy labs represent the heart and soul of The Powers-Sanchez Interactive Center at USCAP. The world’s top experts converge year-round on the center, forming the elite USCAP faculty that teaches courses in all subspecialties of anatomic pathology. An intimate learning environment, which accommodates a maximum of 34 learners in both labs, encourages mentoring and interaction among instructors and pathologists pursuing continuing medical education (CME).  The center allows registrants from all over the world to be at the microscope with revered experts, understanding the most important aspects of diagnostic criteria and differential diagnostic considerations.

In addition to its 18-head teaching microscope, each lab is outfitted with 17 personal-use microscopes, allowing learners to preview the same slides prior to communal review with the expert at the multi-head teaching microscope.

The way people learn has changed dramatically.  An interactive microscopy laboratory united digitally with a conference center and broadcast studio to create sophisticated educational products is unique in the United States.

The facility also has ultrasound equipment to instruct pathologists on image-guided fine needle aspiration biopsy, encouraging transformative patient-centered care.

USCAP makes the facility available to other medical groups, including radioloigsts, surgeons, oncologists and dermatologists, to create, capture, and broadcast meetings, educational programs, and other content. USCAP values its Companion Societies and provides options for Companion Societies to utilize the facility at a special partner rate.

Palm Springs is the perfect location for the Powers-Sanchez Interactive Center at USCAP. Palm Springs attracts people from around the world for the international film festival, for tennis, golf, and music festivals. It’s a desirable area that will attract learners in medicine.

The Linder Learning Center

Guests meet and network in the lobby, a modern-designed area with comfortable conversation seating, private lockers and other amenities on request. An art wall is the focal point of the lobby and doubles as acoustic treatment of the space. The lobby has retractable glass garage doors offering a view of the museum, downtown park, world famous Marilyn Monroe sculpture and the San Jacinto Mountains.


The conference theater/event space and studio accommodate 60 people seated and more than 100 standing. It has microphones embedded in the octagonal “cloud” panels as well as production lighting, speakers, and four remote-controlled pan/tilt/zoom HD video cameras to capture and allow every participant to be seen and heard as clearly and crisply as the presenter. Meanwhile, the presenter can look at two confidence monitors showing the content on a video wall, which consists of three 98-inch 4k displays (the center one 3-D capable).


Businesses and organizations can produce high-quality interviews, talk shows, product demonstrations, training and other programs in the three-camera production studio outfitted with a green screen and production lighting. The studio offers real-time broadcasting via live-stream webcasting and video teleconferencing, as well as a post production suite where our creative services team can edit, package, and deliver content for distribution.


The control room operates three cameras in the microscopy laboratory classroom and four cameras in the lecture theater/event space, as well as sound, lighting, and the presentation itself. The control room has line of sight to the lecture theater and sound stage, intercom/talk-back, a video switcher to add logos and lower-third graphics, and a web encoder to transmit content to the Internet.

The interactive center also serves as the headquarters for the academy.

About Our Named Sponsors

Dr. Celeste N. Powers

Virginia Commonwealth University Health System
Professor Emerita

Dr. Miguel A. Sanchez

Leslie Simon Breast Care and Cytodiagnosis Center
Chief of Pathology / Medical Director

Dr. James Linder

Nebraska Medicine and University of Nebraska Medical Center
Chief Executive Officer and Professor of Pathology and Microbiology

Karen Linder

Tethon 3D Corporation
Chief Executive Officer

Combining a desirable location with cutting-edge technology, USCAP’s Linder Learning Center and Powers-Sanchez Interactive Center are revolutionizing the way we learn and communicate.

Located in Palm Springs, California, this beautifully designed, state-of-the-art learning environment offers a conference theater and production studio where groups can host, record, edit, and share with a global audience every sound and sight of their meetings, lectures, product launches, and training programs.

USCAP, an international organization of pathologists, concieved the Interactive Learning Center as a destination for the world’s top experts to sit shoulder-to-shoulder with their peers and students around a multi-headed scope and share knowledge not only with each other, but also with doctors around the world via live-streams and webcasts. “Pathologists-in-training and experienced practitioners can sit across from an expert pathologist and learn diagnostic criteria, pattern recognition, and the variations in how tissues and cells appear under the microscope,” says Dr. David Kaminsky, USCAP executive vice president. “Pathologists from all over the world can be at the microscope, and we can deliver that content digitally on mobile devices, on demand, and with immediate access. An interactive microscopy laboratory united digitally with a conference center and broadcast studio for the development of sophisticated educational products is unique in America.”

USCAP offers the distinctive lecture theater, meeting and event space, sound stage, and broadcast studio to a variety of businesses and organizations. Likewise, medical organizations can access the microscopy classrooms and take advantage of the ability to broadcast and package the content for distribution.

USCAP’s Linder Learning Center and Powers-Sanchez Interactive Center represent the next generation of learning, information transfer and communication. Imagine the possibilities and realize them here in Palm Springs.

A wall of undulating, decorative acoustic ceramic tiles and “clouds” of acoustic octagonal panels reflect the architectural form and innovative function that distinguish the USCAP Interactive Learning Center.

Situated in an iconic midcentury modern building in Palm Springs, California, the state-of-the-art center was designed to globally broadcast behind-the-microscope instruction and theater-style multimedia presentations by the world’s top pathologists.

USCAP offers the flexible, multi-use venue to businesses and organizations to host, record, edit, and broadcast their meetings, lectures, product launches, training classes, and other programs.

It’s an ideal location for companies to host their top executives or salespeople to participate in an interactive program with their visionary leader, who can appear on a 3D-ready video wall. Architects and many other visually-oriented professionals appreciate the technology’s ability to revolutionize their presentations.

When not in use by USCAP for creating or delivering educational content, The Linder Learning Center and the Powers Sanchez Interactive Center can be rented for approved purposes.

The Linder Learning Center seats 60 people as a lecture hall, and holds more than 100 for social events. The center represents a state-of-the art audio visual and live recording environment with global WebEx and live web streaming connectivity.

Official USCAP Companion Societies will be offered special rates to use The Powers-Sanchez Interactive Center’s microscopy labs and The Linder Learning Center conference facility, as the academy believes that we should make learning for today’s pathologists as meaningful as possible.

Please contact Interactive Center for facility rental questions or exhibit space opportunities.

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