The Board’s Distinguished Pathologist Award was established by the Board of Directors of USCAP for recognition of distinguished service in the development of the discipline of pathology. This award is presented to an individual who is recognized for making major contributions to pathology over the years.

These candidates are proposed by the Executive Committee and the Awardee is selected by the Board of Directors at the Interim Meeting for presentation at the Annual Meeting.

The Academy provides:

         – An honorarium in the amount of $2,000

         – Complimentary registration to the Annual Meeting

Virginia A. LiVolsi, MD

2024 USCAP Board’s Distinguished Pathologist

Virginia LiVolsi was born and raised in New York City and attended Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons from which she received her medical degree. She remained at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center for her residency in Anatomical and Surgical Pathology under the tutelage of Drs. Raffaele Lattes and Karl Perzin. It was during these formative years that she began her lifelong interaction with thyroid disease, especially thyroid neoplasia.

Her academic career began at Yale University and after eight years, she moved to the University of Pennsylvania as Director of Surgical Pathology and then Chief of Anatomical Pathology.

During her long career at Penn, she developed and evolved her love of endocrine and head and neck pathology, wrote extensively in these areas, including over 450 original articles, numerous reviews and chapters and several books. She is a member of several editorial boards of pathology and endocrine journals. Her expertise in thyroid pathology came about from a large experience with thyroid cases both, at Penn and from around the world.

She inherited her interest in teaching and mentoring from her mother who was an elementary school teacher in New York City. It became routine for her to teach about thyroid disease and the minutiae of anatomical diagnosis in endocrine organs so that a sign-out with Dr. LiVolsi was not only rendering patient care but expanding and transmitting that knowledge to trainees at medical student, resident, and fellow levels.

In addition to her teaching abilities, her mentoring of young pathologists has become legendary, and she has pupils serving in academic positions throughout the world. Her diagnostic talents are also appreciated and respected by many clinicians (endocrinologists and surgeons) who have worked with her. She has been described by several endocrine surgeons as the “go-to” pathologist for difficult thyroid conditions.

Her expertise was also recognized by her appointment as USA representative to the Pathology Panel of the Chernobyl Tumor Bank. The international panel of pathologists examined over 3000 thyroid tumors occurring in Children exposed to radioactivity after the Chernobyl nuclear accident to confirm the diagnoses of the biospecimens collected to provide uniformity of diagnosis and quality of samples for researchers around the world studying thyroid neoplasia and radiation induced neoplasms. Dr. LiVolsi was a member of the panel for over twenty years and served as its Chair for 4 years.

Dr. LiVolsi is a member of numerous pathology and endocrinology organizations, both national and international. She has served as President of several of these including, the United States Canadian Academy of Pathology, the Arthur Purdy Stout Society of Surgical Pathologists, the Association of Directors of Anatomical and Surgical Pathology, and the Endocrine Pathology Society (she was a founding member of the latter two societies).

She is the recipient of many teaching and mentoring awards including: the James E. Wheeler award (given by Penn pathology residents), the Harry P. Smith teaching Award of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists, the Harvey Goldman Teaching Award of the US Canadian Academy of Pathology, and the Inaugural Mentoring Award of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists.

Dr. LiVolsi has been recognized by numerous invited lectureships and honors for her service to pathology and its organizations. These include: the Mostofi Award of the US Canadian Academy of Pathology, the Scanno Prize in Medicine, the President’s Medal of the Arthur Purdy Stout Society of Surgical Pathologists, Lifetime Achievement Award of the Endocrine Pathology Society, the Mario Luna lectureship, the Lifetime Achievement Award of the College of American Pathologists and the Master Pathologist Award of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists.

Another aspect of her career has been that she has been a funded NCI/NIH investigator for over 35 years as Principal Investigator of the Eastern Division of the Cooperative Human Tissue Network, a consortium of six academic departments which has supplied over 1,000,000 biospecimens to researchers throughout North America. In this role, she has been involved not only in quality control of tissue specimens, but also in the development and understanding of the consent process and its ethical and legal consequences.

On a personal level, she has devoted herself to music both, as a church choir singer and as an audience member, needlepoint and her many precious and adorable cats.

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