Diagnostic Pathology Update 2021

USCAP is a transformative leader in pathology education, creating better pathologists with updates in relevant information requisite for their performance and professional growth. The Academy is sensitive to the personal and cultural needs of practicing pathologists by providing conferences that welcome them with their families to exotic destination venues at which they are enriched with new knowledge and unusual experiences. The 2021 Diagnostic Pathology Update course combines expert subspecialized, academic faculty with exposure to ocean and rain forests symbolic of the dichotomy that is Costa Rica. From zip-lining to surfing, this tropical paradise brings pathologists into contact with the cuisine, agriculture, art and geography of a unique country that values education as its primary core value. Costa Rica has eliminated its standing army to use the savings from defense to improve education, health care and a durable social safety net.

2019 Diagnostic Pathology Update
Recap Video

USCAP is changing not only how we learn, but where we learn by re-imagining the learning environment and continuously elevating the quality of content. Experience top educators. Refine cognitive skills. Hold coffee beans in your hand. Inhale vapor from raging waterfalls. Witness rainbows in the evanescent colors of iguana skins. Feel sunsets scalding your memory.

Previous DPU Meetings

July 7 – 12, 2019
Culinary Institute of America at Copia – Napa Valley, California

July 8 – 13, 2018
Santa Apollonia – Florence, Italy

    Per USCAP policy, access to meeting materials is available for three years after the meeting for registrants. To ensure USCAP is providing only current information, following three years, the materials will no longer be available.