USCAP Copyright Information


The USCAP receives a license for all materials published on its web pages and presented in its forums with the authors of the material for the duration of its use by the USCAP. The USCAP will not use the material for any purpose other than that for which it was submitted without the author’s consent. Authors and/or their employing institution warrant their right to submit all published materials and should own copyright to all images, materials and graphics used in their presentations. If any content is not owned by the author/institution, written permission from the copyright holder for the duration and terms of its use must be provided to the USCAP by the author at the time of content submission.

Inclusion of material in the eAcademy does not necessarily preclude its publication in other forums; however, authors wanting to publish the same photographs or text elsewhere are here advised that alternate publishers often require transfer of the copyright to them, and would need to be informed that the material is already published on-line. We recommend that when publishing the case elsewhere, to help alleviate such concerns, authors use different photographs than the ones provided for eAcademy programs.