Companion Societies are specialty pathology societies that are qualified to hold scientific educational sessions and elective business meetings in conjunction with the USCAP Annual meeting. These organizations impact learning and connectivity from a collective, diverse knowledge base, comprising a unique sphere of influence that dramatically enhances the USCAP experience. Conversely, Companion Societies benefit from the prestige this status confers and from their unique access to use the USCAP Interactive Center.

Sustained Companion Society status requires compliance with the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) guidelines and standards, favorable performance reviews by learners and the USCAP Education Committee, internal governance stability and respect for the Academy’s Code of Conduct.

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In addition to the awards offered by USCAP, some Companion Societies also offer Pathologist-in-Training Awards for papers presented at the Annual Meeting of the Academy. To learn more about these awards, please visit the websites of individual Companion Societies.

• American Association for Cancer Research
• American Association of Neuropathologists
• American Association of Ophthalmic Oncologists and Pathologists
• American College of Veterinary Pathologists
• American Society for Clinical Pathology
• American Society for Investigative Pathology
• American Society of Cytopathology
• American Society of Dermatopathology
• Arthur Purdy Stout Society of Surgical Pathologists
• Association for Molecular Pathology
• Association for Pathology Informatics
• Binford-Dammin Society of Infectious Disease Pathologists
• Chinese Society of Pathology
• College of American Pathologists
• Endocrine Pathology Society
• European Society of Pathology
• Genitourinary Pathology Society
• Hans Popper Hepatopathology Society
• History of Pathology Society
• International Academy of Cytology
• International Society of Bone & Soft Tissue Pathology
• International Society of Breast Pathology
• International Society of Gynecological Pathologists
• International Society of Urological Pathology
• North American Society for Head and Neck Pathology
• Pakistani-American Pathologists’ Society
• Paleopathology Club
• Pancreatobiliary Pathology Society
• Papanicolaou Society of Cytopathology
• Pulmonary Pathology Society
• Renal Pathology Society
• Rodger C. Haggitt Gastrointestinal Pathology Society
• Society for Cardiovascular Pathology
• Society for Hematopathology
• Society for Ultrastructural Pathology