Search for Editor-in-Chief of Modern Pathology

Search for Editor-in-Chief of Modern Pathology

Editor-in-Chief of Modern Pathology


2018 is the thirtieth anniversary of the publication of Modern Pathology with a 2017 Impact Factor of 6.655, and a rank of third (of 79 journals) in Journal Citation Reports. There were 849 submissions in 2017 with an acceptance rate of 24%, average time to review, 17 days; average time to online publication, 32 days; average days to print publication, 92 days. 214 papers were published in 2017.

Dr. John Eble has been a prestigious and outstanding Editor-in-Chief for the last twenty years. His retirement from the position on December 31, 2020 mandates search for a successor who will continue the evolutionary and visionary perspective that Dr. Eble sustained.

The search for a successor will be conducted through an online application process. Candidates will be evaluated by a Search Committee and finalist interviews will be conducted at the 2019 USCAP Annual Meeting on March 15, 2019 at National Harbor, Maryland. The next Editor-in-Chief will begin working with Dr. Eble on July 1, 2020, to provide a six month overlap.

The position of Editor-in-Chief is for a defined five-year term, renewable on positive evaluation, without a "hard stop". At fifteen years of service the need and/or desire for succession will be considered.


The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for overseeing the scientific content of the journal and has final authority in all decisions regarding manuscript publication status. The Editor-in-Chief must be able to interact effectively with USCAP’s Managing Editor and her administrative assistants, the USCAP Publications Committee and its Chair, Editorial Board Members, contributing authors, readership, Nature/Springer Staff, the USCAP design creative team and the Executive Vice President.

The Editor-in-Chief reports to the USCAP Board of Directors and the Executive Vice President.


  • Nationally and internationally recognized academic pathologist.
  • Must hold an academic faculty appointment, at least Associate Professor, preferably Professor
  • A physician investigator who is practicing subspecialty pathology and advancing the practice of pathology and understanding of disease.
  • Proven track record on editorial boards and as an associate editor on similar peer-reviewed journals
  • Active member of USCAP who preferably resides in North America and can leverage the academic activities of the membership and the meeting to fully realize the potential of the Journal
  • Team builder and inclusive leader that will be needed to lead an administrative team and Editorial Board.
  • Sufficient time and effort to match the Editorial and administrative demands of a world class academic journal.
  • Visionary leader with an eye to the future of our discipline, its practice and investigation.
  • Forward looking and innovative individual with creative approaches to publishing, communicating and disseminating information.
  • Dynamic individual that can build bridges with other academic and professional organizations.
  • Has reputation for fairness and open mindedness, no scandals
  • USCAP welcomes Diversity and Inclusivity in the Workplace.


  • December 31, 2018

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