The Academy engages qualified pathologists who desire to connect with USCAP to serve on the Abstract Review Board (ARB) for a three-year term. More than 3,000 abstracts are submitted each year for potential inclusion in the USCAP Annual Meeting and over 2,000 are ultimately accepted. The ARB is responsible for the review and grading of these abstracts. The review process generally takes place for two weeks during early October and is performed online. Each reviewer is responsible for either all the abstracts in the assigned category or a subset of abstracts if the category receives a large number of submissions. USCAP requires that all abstracts receive four reviews. The work of the ARB ensures that the educational content presented at USCAP’s Annual Meeting is of the highest quality.

Eligibility Criteria

In selecting members for the ARB, the Academy strives for institutional and subspecialty diversity with enhanced opportunity for participation. ARB Members should:

  • Have an MD/DO (or equivalent)
  • Completed a residency in Anatomic Pathology and are currently practicing a field within Anatomic Pathology
  • Be at least three years out of training
  • Have at least 10 publications
  • Be actively involved in writing abstracts (at least one abstract submission per year to USCAP for the last three years)
  • Not have served on the ARB for at least 10 years
  • Understand there is a limit of four members from the same institution during a single year (exclusive of Education Committee members and Lead Reviewers of the Abstract Assignment Committee)
  • Realize that ARB members from the same institution will not comprise more than two members on each submission category
  • Know that there can be only one Lead Reviewer per institution


Application Process

Current ARB Members