2019 Evening Specialty Conference Guidelines

New information is exploding in the sphere of pathology, particularly at USCAP, which delivers translational research as it happens, creating a force that changes practices to meet demands of focused patient care. Evening specialty conferences were developed specifically to provide learners with the most current information by the examination of case materials from patients to illustrate newly acquired information about a subject, recent technological advances, and review of complex topics. 

Program Description

Participants of the Evening Specialty Conferences will review slides and ancillary studies in advance of the formal session, to prepare for their interaction with panelists. Content is deliberately and carefully selected for relevance to current practice needs. Key references are provided with handouts.

Case histories and representative images (“unknowns”) of the evening specialty conferences are placed on the USCAP website several weeks prior to the Annual Meeting. This provides an opportunity for attendees to enhance their educational experience by viewing the “unknowns” prior to coming to the meeting. The diagnoses, explanatory text, references, and descriptions of images are posted after the conference. 

New in 2019. Conferences are scheduled for two hours (7:00 PM–9:00 PM) Sunday – Thursday.

Required Materials

Each Evening Specialty Conference faculty member is required to submit the following materials:

  • Faculty Disclosure Form
  • Pre-Meeting Materials
    • Case Presentation
    • Virtual Slides/Still Images
  • Post-Meeting Materials
    • Case discussions with diagnosis
    • References
    • PowerPoint presentation of course material
  • Multiple Choice Question for Audience Response System (ARS)
    USCAP is now offering SAMs credit for this session by using an Audience Response System. Please submit one (1) Audience Response Question, including one reference, per speaker. Question slides should be included in your PowerPoint at the spot they will be presented. After uploading your presentation to the faculty portal, the USCAP staff will program your ARS questions into the software and include the necessary information into your presentation. If changes are made to your presentation, after submitting to the faculty portal, it is your responsibility to contact Krista Cairns and notify her of any updates.
    Question Writing Guidelines

All materials will be due on Thursday, January 24, 2019.

Material and Audience Response Question Preparation

Pre-Meeting Materials

  • Case histories of “unknown” cases and representative images should be provided. These will be given to attendees in advance of the session.
  • Digital Images/Virtual SlidesImages and/or virtual slides are an important component of the Evening Specialty Conferences. Each panelist can submit up to 12 “unknown” representative digital images or virtual slides per case.
    • Digital Images will only be accepted if they are in one of the following formats: jpg, jpeg, png.
    • USCAP will scan up to twelve (12) glass slides per panelist. If you are scanning the slide yourself please scan it with a compression quality of 30.
    • If you would like USCAP to scan a glass slide for you please send it the address below by
      Wednesday, December 12, 2018:
      USCAP – Education
      500 South Palm Canyon Drive, Suite 321
      Palm Springs, CA 92264
  • Audience Response System (ARS) Questions
    Faculty will need to incorporate one (1) multiple choice question into each case. It is recommended that these be case-based questions that will take the learners through a difficult clinical concept or differential diagnosis. Each question must have a single correct answer. All questions should include a reference. Question Writing Guidelines

Post-Meeting Materials

  • Case discussions should guide the attendees through the process of working up a case. You will need to include a diagnosis, case discussion, conclusions, and references. Information on a differential diagnosis or additional images are optional.

Use of Materials and Copyright

USCAP will provide course registrants with access to the pre and post meeting materials online.

Authors and/or their employing institution should own copyright to all images, materials and graphics used in their presentations. If any content is not owned by the author/institution, written permission from the copyright holder for the duration and terms of its use must be provided to USCAP by the author at the time of content submission. USCAP shares copyright of all materials published on its web pages and presented in its forums with the authors of the material for the duration of its use by USCAP, after which exclusively the author holds copyright. USCAP will not use the material for any purpose other than that for which it was submitted without the author’s consent.


The United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology protects the integrity of its educational program content by strict enforcement of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) Standards for Commercial Support. In accordance with requirements of the ACCME, USCAP requires all individuals who are in a position to control the content of a CME activity to disclose all relevant financial relationships with any commercial interest that produces, markets, resells, or distributes healthcare goods or services consumed by or used on patients. Relevant financial relationships are defined as remuneration paid to you or your spouse/partner in any amount that has occurred within the last 12 months when these two conditions apply:

  1. You or your spouse/partner has a financial relationship with a commercial interest.
  2. You have the opportunity to affect CME content related to the products or services of that commercial interest.

All materials will be due on Thursday, January 24, 2019.

Presentation Guidelines

Presentations should be created using Microsoft PowerPoint. Apple Keynote based presentations will not be supported. Slides should be uncomplicated, and the text and graphics should be prepared to present in a large lecture. All presentations should use the USCAP 2019 Annual Meeting Template intro slides, at a minimum (link below).

USCAP 2019 Annual Meeting PowerPoint Slide Template

(File will download automatically)

Instructions for using the USCAP 2019 Annual Meeting PowerPoint Slide Template

Tips for Building Your Presentation

  • Format for presentation must be 16:9
  • Sans Serif fonts are recommended for projection
  • Use a font size of at least 28 points
  • Use no more than 2 fonts on a slide
  • If you are inserting images, the recommended format is JPEG or JPG
  • If you are inserting a video, the recommended video format is .WMV


Evening Specialty Conference panelists are required to pay the general registration fee. Neither moderators or panelists are reimbursed for travel expenses. Moderators may host their panelists for an after-session meal, budgeted at $50 per person (with receipts). 


Thursday, January 24, 2019: Complete disclosure form, Submit PowerPoint presentation, upload case histories, images and diagnosis, references, and ARS questions through the faculty portal